Scheduling & Budgeting

Script Breakdown & Scheduling

This meticulous process breaks down your script into its individual scenes and details the required elements like Props, Special Effects, Locations, Animals, Picture Vehicles and probably the most important and expensive element of any production, the Actors.  These details are entered into entertainment industry standard scheduling software where the data can be compiled into some of the various industry standard reports listed below.  You will be provided .PDF files of the forms below.

  • Full Schedule
  • One Liner
  • Strip Board (colored)
  • Day Out Of Days
  • Cast List
  • Location List
  • Master Shooting Script



After completion of the script breakdown process, and determination of a few other factors like the basic targeted budget range and the use of union or non union crew & actors, a detailed budget will be researched and created for your individual project.  While it may be possible to skip the formal scheduling and give a rough estimated budget, this is not advised if you wish to have an accurate accounting of what your production will cost.

The budget will be prepared with motion picture & television industry standard budgeting software or AICP template and you will be provided .PDF versions the various files listed below.

  • Budget Top Sheet
  • Detailed Line Item Budget



Every project is unique and rates for services are affected by many factors including the overall complexity of the proposed project, the desired project budget range and delivery time just to name a few.  I would be happy to discuss your particular project and work to tailor a proposal that will work for your unique situation and budget. Please feel free to contact me via e mail or telephone.

A deposit is required prior to the commencement of any project.  Forms of payment accepted include: Cash, Check, Money Order, PayPal & Credit Card.